Dr G. D. Kewley
Consultant Neuro Developmental Paediatrician


Forty years experience

Dr Geoff Kewley has 40 years experience in the complex field of Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics. He is an Australian trained Consultant Paediatrician who practised as a General Paediatrician in Gosford from 1975 until 1990.
He has now relocated back to Australia, after 24 years in the UK, and is continuing part time practice at Castle Hill. He has a wealth of experience in managing children with complex ADHD and related conditions. He recognises that an evidence based, multidisciplinary approach to the assessment & management of these conditions is the best way to help children and their families cope with the reality of living and coping with the various difficulties of ADHD and related conditions.

A distinguished medical career

After practicing in Australia, until 2014, he worked in the UK where he founded, and for the past 25 years lead, an multidisciplinary independent Centre specialising in the assessment of children, adolescents and adults with ADHD, ASD and related conditions - more.... The Centre has offices in London, West Sussex and Manchester, and employed a range of professionals including Psychiatrists, Psychologists, School Liason Officer, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, and Paediatricians.
Dr Kewley co-founded ADDISS, the UK Parent Support Group, and founded and chaired the George Still Forum the special interest group attached to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health dealing with ADHD and related neurodevelopmental difficulties.
Whilst in the UK he was at the forefront of increasing awareness of biological conditions such as ADHD and ASD within the special needs, educational and child psychiatry frameworks.
He has lectured widely throughout the UK both at professional and parent groups. Over the years he has had a particular interest in gifted children with ADHD, youth justice issues to deal with ADHD, and also societal issues in relation to the above.
Suite 14, 15-17 Terminus Street, Castle Hill 2154


Dr Kewley consults at Suite 14, 15-17 Terminus Street, Castle Hill 2154 (provider number 0077078H). Please see our appointments page for more details. As Dr Kewley now works on a part-time basis, initial contact is best by e-mail on geoffkewley@hotmail.co.uk. Alternatively please call on 0407428301.